Suffering From Hair Loss

Suffering From Hair Loss

Are You Suffering From Hair Loss ? Find out the reasons behind this and take medication immediately. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the problem of hair loss.

Premature baldness is a serious problem and the number of such complaints is increasing day by day. Doctors have informed that many people suffering from such problems have come to dermatologists for treatment. There has been a 90 per cent increase in the number of men and women seeking hair loss. The main reason behind baldness and early hair loss in young children is not paying attention to this problem in time. Chromosomal abnormalities in 25% of men lead to problems like hair loss. The problem of hair loss is seen before the age of 21 years. Some teens even have hair loss problems between the ages of 15 and 16. Thirty percent of women suffer from baldness in their forties, but due to changing lifestyles, baldness is also a serious problem among young women in their twenties.

What are the reasons ?

Increasing competition, fear, anxiety, stress, and poor eating habits all contribute to the problem of hair loss. Decreased levels of thyroid hormones or side effects of certain medications, overuse of hair styling products, excessive use of chemical products for hair coloring, use of gels and family history can also cause genetic hair loss. It is advisable to visit a dermatologist and start the treatment according to their advice to start treatment without ignoring this problem. If you start treatment on time, you can avoid problems like baldness.

Reasons in bullets

  • Wash hair regularly but not keeping scalp clean
  • Lack of nutritional value in the diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Androgenetic alopecia is premature baldness due to genetic reasons
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Chronic diseases like thyroid and diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Overuse of styling products

Easy guidelines

Here are few guidelines to stop or at least reduce hair loss. Do follow this and note the difference.

  •  Keep life stress free.
  •  Eat a nutritious diet every day.
  • Take regular hair care
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Avoid using chemical products
  •  Choose shampoo and conditioner according to the type of hair. Always wash hair with lukewarm water.
  •  Ask a dermatologist for supplements that contain vitamins, zinc, biotin and collagen.
  •  Make sure you get some sunlight every day.
  •  Use mild hair products and prevent tangles in the hair.

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