Healthy and Soft Hair

Many people are very keen about health and look of their hair. But due to the busy lifestyle and polluted environment, many face issues with lifeless and dry hair. In this case, special care is required to achieve and maintain healthy and soft hair.


People tend to use expensive and chemical based products, in order to achieve an early solution to hair issues. Those products may actually make the hair shiny, but due to the chemicals present in them, eventually face grey hair or prematurely fall issues.

The best approach to healthy and soft hair, goes through Ayurvedic products made using herbal extracts or alternatively applying natural treatments at home.

Few easy to follow tips

  • For people who are not vegetarian, there is nothing better than an egg to make one’s hair soft and glowy. It starts showing its effects from the very first use. Protein, fatty acids and Lactin in eggs, has natural tendency to repair the hair. Mixing olive oil with egg will have added benefits.
  • Applying mixture of gram flour, coconut water and raw milk twice a week, will remove the dryness of the hair and will give shine to the hair.
  • Aloe vera provides required moisture and nourishment to the hair when applied regularly. The antioxidants and vitamins present in Aloe vera, also helps to reduce dandruff.

More Tips

  • Form banana paste and mix it with coconut oil. Massaging hair thoroughly with this mixture. Then leave it for half an hour and have a normal wash with cold water. This will help to make hair silky and soft.
  • Coconut oil is proven nourishment for hair when applied regularly. It contains all the nutrients that are needed to make hair soft and shiny, to  maintain the natural moisture.