Almonds for Hair Growth


Almonds are known as ‘Badam‘ in Hindi, ‘Badamkayi’ in Telugu, ‘Vadhumai’ in Tamil, ‘Badam Parippu’ in Malayalam, ‘Badami’ in Kannada, ‘Badam’ in Gujarati, and ‘Badaam’ in Marathi. These are the healthiest nuts you can get, though it isn’t really a nut, but more of a seed. For many years we are using almonds for hair growth.

Why is the ingredient added to Hair Gro Therapy 

  1. High in Magnesium.
  2. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, Almonds pack a nutritious punch when eaten in moderation.
  3. According to the Hair Boutique website, magnesium is “an essential mineral for growing healthy strands.”
  4. In fact, a deficiency of magnesium within the body has been linked to hair loss.
  5. Almonds contain hair-friendly nutrients like polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids as well as vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and B6.

Nutrition Value of Almond

Energy575 Kcal29%
Carbohydrates21.67 g16%
Protein21.22 g38%
Total Fat49.42 g165%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber12.20 g30%
Folates50 µg12.5%
Niacin3.385 mg21%
Pantothenic acid0.47 mg9%
Pyridoxine0.143 mg11%
Riboflavin1.014 mg78%
Thiamin0.211 mg16%
Vitamin A1 IU0%
Vitamin C0 mg0%
Vitamin E26 mg173%
Sodium1 mg0%
Potassium705 mg15%
Calcium264 mg26%
Copper0.996 mg110%
Iron3.72 mg46.5%
Magnesium268 mg67%
Manganese2.285 mg99%
Phosphorus484 mg69%
Selenium2.5 µg4.5%
Zinc3.08 mg28%
Carotene-ß1 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß0 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin1 µg

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